Hoverboard for Bike Trade

Why trade your bike for a hoverboard?

September 24, 2017

From old China to more modern Amsterdam, bike dominated the scene of manual transport to work and school for many years. We know that riding a bicycle to work or school is healthy and perhaps, fast. The Z generation thinks otherwise. There has been some movement of ‘electrifying your commute’ without worrying of things like parking and theft. Here comes the hoverboard.

In California, it is now perfectly legal to ride your hoverboard or any other electric rides in bike lanes and pathways, away from the traffic area. Such law comes with the condition ‘ride with helmet on’. Some cities are following the movement. In Canada, it is perfectly alright to ride a hoverboard to work.

Here are few reasons why going to work on a hoverboard is much more efficient than say, cycling. 

Easy to Carry

Hoverboards are light enough to carry on your backpack or in special casing. So if you are not in the mood to hover, then you can simply put it aside and hop on to one of the public buses or trains.

Hip Style

Hoverboards are not only for kids now. There has been a wave of two-wheeled riders seen balancing a skateboard, a hoverboard or electric scooters in major cities. Canadian brand New Firefly H1 even has Bluetooth 4.0 technology that lets you control the speed and settings of your hoverboard from your smart phone. For added style, you can play music from your phone through the built in speakers.

No parking issues

Even with CCTVs in all corners of the city, Singapore residents report an average of 100 bicycles stolen each month. This despite the presence of locks, locked bicycle racks and cctv monitoring. The hoverboard technology is probably the solution to this. Bring it along and parked it under your desk. Remember to switch off the engine.

Fast enough

A hoverboard can run as slow as 5 km/h to as fast as 17km/h. A study in Florida showed that bicycle rides are in between 11 to 12 km/h in designated bike lanes. Aside from a more toned leg muscle, a bike rider will also get drenched in sweat even before the work hours begin. The 2018 Streetboss X1 hoverboard solves this. Get that two wheel monster do the trick and get one that is equipped with self balancing mode to have a steady, smooth ride to the office or the school – sweat free. 

Prices Variation

While there has been talk about creating a foldable electric bike, manufacturers are still having a hard time perfecting it to fit a bag, and fit a commoner’s budget. In Canada, hoverboards are priced at $199 to $349 while electric bikes are at a range of $999 and above.

Can kids ride hovers?

Hoverboard designs nowadays are for consumers of all ages. Beginners are advised to lean or hold on to something the first time you get on a hoverboard. Practice your balance and then after a few tries, you can do on your own. For newbies, start with the easy, slower and less complicated hoverboard such as the 2017 SlikBoard Pro which comes with the same blue tooth technology.

So, if you live in a heavily traffic prone and populated area, you might wish to consider getting on a cool hoverboard instead of wasting your time and energy pedaling on the way and still worrying of your bikes’ safety while at work.

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