Why Buy a Hoverboard from HoverHub Canada ?

Why buy a Hoverboard from HoverHub Canada ?

September 14, 2017

Why You should buy a Hoverboard from HoverHub Canada ?

There are many sites selling hover boards but we have put together 3 main reasons why you should Purchase a Hoverboard Online from HoverHub Canada.


1. Warranty

Our Hoverboard Warranty is the Best in Canada. We provide 2 years of Complimentary Warranty all ready included in the purchase price of your hoverboard. Our Staff is available online 24/7 to help with any of your hoverboard ownership questions and concerns.

Best Hoverboard Warranty in Canada

2. Selection

We have the Largest Hoverboard selection out of any Hoverboard Company in Canada. This means that you can safely browse our online store without having to worry that you haven't seen all available Hoverboard models online. We also have the best prices for our Hoverboards which means that we have already done everything we can to make your shopping experience a lot easier.

Best Hoverboard Selection Canada

3. Your Privacy is protected.

Our Website is SSL Certified with 256-bit encryption. The chance of anyone hacking our information and retrieving information is 1 in 50 Trillion. Many Other Hoverboard Sites are not Properly SSL Certified which means your payment information is stored incorrectly and can easily be compromised by predators online. Just look for the greenbox next to our website URL at the top of the page when you are at the checkout. 

Hoverboard Certification

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