What Makes a Hoverboard Cool ?

What makes hoverboard cool?

September 27, 2017

While hoverboard looks like a cool toy, probably the coolest one around, it is not all just a toy. In some Canadian cities, it is the real deal even offered as an activity to tourists and yes, a really cool one at that!

Like any other motorized gadget, hoverboard is also considered a toy for the big boys. However, kids who can balance themselves are allowed to use some of the slower running hoverboard designs. These designs are still chic and come in more lively and vibrant colors. For children, we suggest Streetboss 1st Generation hoverboard that promises you of that urban look yet safe for the everyday user. If you are in Canada, hoverhub.ca ships this baby toy for free.

Hoverboard picked up popularity in 2015 when celebrities started using it in their concerts or even just to hover around the airport before their flights. From Justin Beiber’s hoverboard inspired music video to Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt hovering instead of running, this two-wheeled-toy climbed the ‘cool things’ chart in no time.

Three years later, the hoverboard remains one of the most sought after toy by people of all walks of life. And why not when you got the chance to be whizzing past by frustrated passengers stuck in a cab in the middle of traffic or the bikers who does not know whether or not to just get on the next bus or cycle their way to work.

Unlike other gadgets, the hoverboard can do it all; carry it if you need to or just enjoy a cool trip to work or school on your shiny, fast and sleek hoverboard. If you intend to do this, you must make sure you get one with a battery that will last until you reach the office such as the Ultra Deck V2 design, guaranteed to last you 3 hours of smooth and uninterrupted ride. It also has bluetooth technology and speakers that are definitely going to keep you company while wheeling to your destination.

What else? How about going on a wheel-stroll with that special someone? That additional speakers as well as the capacity to control speed on your smartphone will surely keep things slow or fast between you two, your pick. In terms of speed, there’s always the 12 km/h or a 14km/h hoverboard available for you.

Aside from a good, futuristic stroll, hoverboards also help you save transport cost and the environment by using less gasoline and ultimately saving the environment.

To attest to this cool factor, New York Times writer Michael Cristie said that ‘walking if now outdated’ and the hoverboard is now the vanguard of what he termed as the ‘personal transportation revolution.’

So whether you are a newbie or a seasoned skateboarder, the hoverboard will be difficult to pass on. As Wiz Kalifa tweeted, “I stand for our generation and our generation I gonna be riding hoverboards.” And just for fun, if you are thinking which one is a great design for showoff, why not have a lamborghini hoverboard delivered in your own doorstep today.


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