Caring for your Hoverboard (Hoverhub Care Tips)

Caring for your Hoverboard (Hoverhub Care Tips)

September 26, 2017

Who does not love the smell of brand new stuff? Be it clothing, furniture, smartphones or even a hoverboard, we would look at it, tinker with it or even play with it as soon as it arrives.

And that feeling of opening a brand new box is always precious. But like any other new technology, your hoverboard needs that extra TLC too. So how do you take care of your newly delivered hoverboard? Here are few ways:

Keep it steady

When the box arrives, do not be in a hurry to open it. Like any other motorized technology, it is better to let it stay put for an hour, as there might have been some unnecessary movements during transport. I call it ‘cooling time’. This is not the case for store bought, off-the-rack hoverboards though.

Read the Manual

We all have heard of hoverboard experiences that have gone crazy. Thanks to low-quality China made exploding machines, a lot have been scared to get one. Safety is important and while you are very excited to get your feet on the board to practice your first balance, take time to read the fine print. You need to know what and what not to do when on the cool two-wheeled toy. If you want to be sure, buy only from legitimate shops such as or a place you can actually test first.

Charging Hours

Anything that is over is bad. Unlike smartphones that are okay to charge for the whole night, you should not overcharge your hoverboard. Also, it is important to look for the UL seal. In Canada, the Streetboss H1 CAMO is not only a sleek 2 wheel cross country electric scooter but it also has extra wire protection and seal proof circuiting to prevent short circuits. It keeps your worry away from overcharging and possible explosion.

Know your weight

Hoverboards are designed with specific riders in mind. If you are on the heavy side, try the newest 2018 Streetboss X1, best for off roads (ice, soil, terrain and mud) as well as it has a maximum loading weight of 160 kg, enough for kids and adults alike. Putting too much unnecessary pressure on the hoverboard may result to damage to the parts. Like any other gadget, it has its limitation too.

Buy proper parts

You must have loved your car. If you do, treat your hoverboard the same way. Bring it to the shop and buy proper accessories whenever one part gets overly used (overused tires, batteries or even control boards). Do not change the parts yourself too. If you bought from, then you can enjoy a free repair service for two years with their comprehensive warranty program.

Proper care of your hoverboard will result to longer, more efficient and more years of fun riding it.

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