Canada's Stylish Hoverboards

Canada's stylish Hoverboards

September 25, 2017

No, it does not hover.

Yes, you got the name right but unlike its name, it does not have flying capability, which is good because it means it is safe. Infact, it runs firmly onto a flat ground. The Oxford dictionary defines hoverboard as a means of transport resembling a skateboard. Popularized by the movie Back to the Future Part 2 in 1989, the hoverboard, a skateboard that travels above the surface of the ground, was simply a science fiction.

Now, the dictionary is apt to change their definition, as it is no longer just a science experiment with the number of these little two-wheeled monsters whizzing past by cars in many of the world’s urban jungles. Thanks to the continuous advancement of technology.

Since it was first shown as a chic ride in the big screen, the hoverboard has reached many places. The origin of the scooter-gone-viral in the last couple of years is possibly the Chinese company Chic, a robotics company in Hangzhou province, which called it “2-wheel self-balancing scooter.” However, with it’s bad quality control reputation, China lost the market to more popular robotics company in the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

In Canada, hoverboards have gained popularity over the past few years. There were obvious hiatus for quite sometime after several incidents but they are all part of the past now. Surely, this two-wheeled balancing ride is here to stay.

For hover lovers, there are many things to consider before getting your first experience on board. Safety is one and style is another one. While the technology might have started in China, I suggest you go for the newer, better and more reliable designs in Canada.

Offroad Rider. There are instances when you can’t avoid manholes or rough pavement. Don’t fret because the 2017 Streetboss version will get you whirling even in unfriendly roads. The variety is great for offroad handling. Its chic look is also for everyday user. What else, it runs up to 14.5 KM/H. Talk about speed huh?

Hovering Safely. Like any other motorized ride, there are always possibilities of accident. However, Canada’s best hoverboard sets their designs and products apart from the ‘exploding’ made in China products. With Firefly H1, you are all in good hands, err, feet. This design is completely indestructible and military grade safe. With this, there is no need to worrying about whether or not you will be safe through your wheel travel.

While riders will never enjoy levitating like in the movie, the new designs have impressive features such as Bluetooth, speakers and LED lights. If those are not enough to keep you smiling on the way to work or your school, then we don’t know what will.




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