Best Hoverboards in Canada Review

Best Hoverboards in Canada ? Here is our Official List .

September 21, 2017

We have compiled a list of what we think are the top 3 hoverboards in Canada. You can find all the hoverboards ranked in order from our page. 


1. Slikboard Hoverboard

Sliboard- Best Hoverbaord in Canada

This is a classic Hoverboard with the most important features that you will need for your any hoverboard. It has Bluetooth Speakers which lets you play music from your phone. You can check out the Slikboard Hoverboard here

2. Street Boss-H1 Hummer Hoverboard

Street Boss-H1 Hummer Hoverboard Canada

The Street Boss H1 Hummer Hoverboard  is our second best choice because its made specifically for rough terrain. It has a hard outer body shell with Aluminium bumpers to protect it from damage when its rolled over. You can check out for information about the H1 Hummer Hoverboard Here .

3.  2018 Street Boss X1 Hoverboard

2018 Street Boss X1 Hoverboard Canada

The Street Boss X1 Hoverboard is a great option because it has 10" Offroad tires. It also features self Leveling technology so that when you turn it on it Levels its self out evenly for you to Balance on it. Bluetooth Speakers are a standard. You can find more info about the Street Boss X1 Hoverboard here.

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