Are Hoverboards Legal in Canada ?

5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Hoverboard (in Canada)

August 11, 2017

1. Hoverboards are Legal

Are Hoverboards Legal in Canada ?If you are concerned about Hoverboard use on the roads, or anywhere outside of your neighborhood , you don't have much to worry about. Hoverboards are completely Legal to use outside. There are some Public areas however, like malls, shopping centers and stores that don't allow them, So find out before you go there. Just to be safe always wear safety equipment when riding a hoverboard, Even though it looks like a cool toy, it is technically a motorized vehicle, so safety is Priority.

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2. Can I buy a Hoverboard for my Husband (Or Wife...or Uncle) ?

Yes, you can buy a hoverboard for anyone you like. It is a great gift and everyone loves them. Unlike fidget spinners, No one has anything against Hoverboards, It is a cool toy and it's technology is a wonder for anyone who steps on it the first time. Just make sure to have a helping hand when you're on them, it is not recommended to stepping on a hoverboard without holding on to something, always make sure you have someone beside you the first time when you are riding on them.

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3. Do Hoverboards Blow up ?

There have been a few stories on the news about Low Quality Hoverboards from China sold in the US that are Catching Fire, this is the case ,  but not with us. We have sold thousands of Hoverboards to thousands of people . We are a certified importer of Quality Hoverboards with Proper Certification. We have never had an incident, and if we did, we would be all over the news. If you want to know more about the safety standards of our hoverboards please read our other article (5 things that make our hoverboards safe).


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4. What's the best Hoverboard.

All hoverboards are good.. in there own way. We aren't just saying this so you can choose any. It all comes down to your personal use for the Hoverboard. If you are using a hoverboard mostly indoors and are on a budget, We recommend our SlikBoard Pro. It is a classic with Cool features like Bluetooth Speakers and LED lights on the bumper. If you are looking for a much fancier one , and will be using it outdoors, we recommend our Hummer H1 Collection and Street Boss Collection. Those models have off-road tires which makes it a lot smoother to ride outdoors.


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5. What happens if my hoverboard gets wet (and breaks..)

If your Hoverboard gets wet not much would happen. It depends if the water penetrated the Case or not. You would tell if the water did penetrate the hoverboard if it starts riding uneven or shakes. This is what we recomend doing :

(i) Flip the Hoverboard Vertically and let it stand so the water could drip down.

(ii) After it dries , Re-calibrate the Hoverboard by holding the power button for 3 seconds while the Hoverboard is in a horizontal position ( important - make sure the hoverboard is completely balanced and upright when you are re-calibrating). You can tell its re-calibrating if it makes a beep or the LED lights go on. After, Let go of the button , and turn the hoverboard off. then , turn it back on. Should be good to use.


If these steps don't work we sell Motherboards. Check out our link here to purchase one. When you do buy one, you can easily find a video on Youtube on how to fully replace your Motherboard.


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And that's it !! We hope these 5 things you should know about Hoverboards helped, and make sure to subscribe to our channel in the bottom tabs ! We Provide Discounts for our Hoverboards and other cool Stuff !


The Hover Hub Team

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